A ‘Grand’ Thank You To The Friends Of The Grand Canal

On Thursday 17th September 2015 at 10.30am, adjacent  Mespil Road Bridge, Mespil Road, Grand Canal, An tArdmhéara, Críona Ní Dhálaigh, will unveil two benches dedicated to the ‘Friends of the Grand Canal’ who voluntarily give of their time to keep the canal banks clean.  Over the past eight years, teams of volunteer workers commit to this civic project, in rain, hail or shine, ensuring that the Grand Canal is a nicer, cleaner, recreational environment.  

At the unveiling, An tArdmhéara will also launch the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme’ on behalf of the Dublin City Canals: Grand Canal Sub Committee.  The CSR Programme is a concept whereby enterprises integrate social and environmental concerns into their mainstream business operations on a voluntary basis.  Dublin City Council, a member of the Committee, is seeking commitment from any interested business, large or small, who would like to work with them to improve the environment around the Grand Canal as it runs through Dublin City.  

An tArdmhéara, Críona Ní Dhálaigh said, “It is said a community thrives when its citizens commit, and the Grand Canal clean up volunteers are great examples of this adage. I am very proud to unveil these two new benches, in this tranquil canal bank setting, which are dedicated to these unsung heroes.   I would encourage everyone to share this civic responsibility, individuals and businesses alike, and take the opportunity to work together to ensure that the Grand Canal remains a valued amenity.”  

‘Tá an-áthas orm bheith anseo libh inniu ar bhruach na Canálach Móire. Is ábhar bróid an obair atá déanta anseo go ciúin agaibh. Tá mé cinnte go mairfidh bhur saothar i gcuimhne na ndaoine agus iad ag glacadh faoiseamh ó chúraimí an tsaoil sa timpeallacht álainn seo.’

Dublin City Council, South East Area Manager, Rose Kenny said: “As a member of the Dublin City Canals Group, the City Council has a vested interest maintaining the Grand Canal as a premier amenity and it is our aim to continue to work with and support all stakeholders to achieve this.  My thanks to all the volunteers for their commitment and hard work and to the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland and Irish Ship & Barge Fabrication Ltd for their generous sponsorship of the new benches. I hope that the business community will further commit to the CSR programme which will ensure the physical and recreational future of the Grand Canal for all users”.


For further information, please email:  dublincitycanals@dublincity.ie

https://twitter.com/DubCityCouncil       www.facebook.com/DublinCityCouncil

Notes to the Editor:

Dublin City Canals: Grand Canal Sub Committee is a group comprised of representatives of Waterways Ireland, Dublin City Council, the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland, voluntary groups such as Friends of the Grand Canal, the Grand Canal Clean Up Group, small businesses such as Irish Ship & Barge Fabrication Co. Ltd and Members of the canal and boating communities who endeavour to promote the use of the Grand Canal to its fullest potential.

The Committee are seeking expressions of interest from companies and businesses large or small, who would like to work with them to improve the Grand Canal and its environs as it runs through Dublin City.

Opportunities exist for sponsorship or volunteering under the following categories:

  • Conservation
  • Recreation
  • Environmental Promotion
  • Education
  • Physical Improvements

European Commission Green Paper ‘promoting a European Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility’