‘Repair Cafes’ popping up in Dublin

Do you have something that needs fixing but lack the skills to fix it yourself? Or maybe you’re a qualified electrician, seamstress, carpenter or a general handy person who’d like to volunteer to fix things for others? If so ‘Repair Cafes’ are for you.

The initiative is supported by Dublin City Council as part of its drive to reduce, reuse and recycle. Pop up Repair Cafes have been organised for:

• Chocolate Factory, 26 King’s Inn St, Dublin 1, 12-3pm on Saturday 15th November
• Church of John The Baptist, Seafield Road West, Clontarf, 1-4pm on Sunday 7th December

A Repair Cafe is a simple concept which brings together local volunteers who have the skills to repair broken household objects. The public can bring their broken lamps, bikes, chairs, jewellery, stereos and other household objects and even watch and learn from the volunteers as they repair them during the pop up event.

“We all have something at home which needs fixing. Perhaps it’s something we treasure or just an everyday object but many of us lack the skills to fix it ourselves. Repair Cafes are the ideal place to bring these and maybe even learn some repair skills yourself,” says Sandra Smith, an Environmental Officer with Dublin City Council.

The Repair Cafe movement first began in Holland more than five years ago and has now spread worldwide. Here in Ireland the movement is gaining strength. November 22nd – 30th is European Waste Prevention Week and it will see Repair Cafés take place in venues across the country. All are supported by local authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency.
So if you would like to volunteer your time during the upcoming Repair Cafe or find out more email repaircafeireland@gmail.com or visit www.repaircafe.ie
For further information contact:
https://twitter.com/DubCityCouncil www.facebook.com/DublinCityCouncil