1913 Lockout Tapestry Exhibition Now in Dublin’s Pearse St. Library

The “1913 Lockout Tapestry” is a remarkable artistic project which tells the story of the working people of Dublin in 1913.  The Tapestry is touring nationwide as part of the decade of commemorations and Dublin City Council’s Public Libraries will host it from now until the end of April 2015.  Admission is free. 

Dublin’s Lord Mayor Christy Burke officially opened the 1913 Lockout Tapestry Exhibition at 11am today in Dublin City Library & Archive, 138 -144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.  

Designed by artists, Cathy Henderson and Robert Ballagh, produced by 200 adult volunteers and over 60 school children, the tapestry tells the story of the clash of forces between labour and capital in the fight for union recognition and the right to collective bargaining resulting in 100,000 people facing starvation at the end of 1913.

This remarkable and unique Irish work of Art commissioned by the National College of Art and Design and trade union, SIPTU consisting of 9 ‘comic book’ style multimedia textile panels, was produced by a diverse range of groups including the Irish Embroidery Guild, the Irish Patchwork Society, the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, community activists, trade unionists, school students, people with disabilities and prisoners.

Speaking at the opening the Lord Mayor said, “I would like to thank all the contributors to this unique project which brings the story of the struggles of the working people of Dublin in 1913 to life.  I would also like to commend Dublin City Council Public Libraries for bringing the tapestry right into the heart of Dublin City for all to enjoy, remember and learn from.”

The tapestry will be exhibited in Dublin City Library & Archive Pearse Street until Saturday 28th March 2015.  It will then be on view at Ballyfermot Library during April.
Admission to the exhibition is free.  (Groups of 12 or more will need to book)

Booking enquiries:  (01) 6744806


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Notes To The Editor:

Further quotes on the Lockout Tapestry:
Dublin City Librarian Margaret Hayes said, “Dublin City Public Library & Archive marked the centenary of the 1913 Lockout with a wide programme of events, all part of our commitment to the Decade of Centenaries 2012-2022. We’re delighted to host the Lockout Tapestry in 2015, when we will also be marking the 300th anniversary of Dublin’s Mansion House; Yeats2015, and the Gallipoli campaign.”

Mr Jack O’Connor, General President of SIPTU said, “The Lockout Tapestry commemorates one of the seminal moments in the creation of modern Ireland. It is also celebration of the social solidarity values that lie at the heart of the trade union movement. The right to freedom of assembly, to freedom of speech, to collective bargaining and to union representation are particularly relevant as we approach the Centenary of the Easter Rising. The Tapestry enabled members of local communities to engage with the past in ways that also looked forward to the Centenary of the Easter Rising, which could trace its roots to the battle for social and economic democracy on the streets of this city. In doing so they have helped us all keep faith with the ideals enunciated in the 1916 Proclamation and renew our commitment to building a new republic based on them.”

Declan McGonagle, Director NCAD, said: 'The 1913 Tapestry Project is one example of the process of engagement that NCAD places at the core of its education programme. This Tapestry project was particularly significant for us in marking a moment in history where values of solidarity and justice underpinned collective action. We are committed to working in partnership and collaboration with a range of communities, beyond the established academy, to honour those same values today.'

The tapestry will be exhibited from Tuesday 17 February to Saturday 28 March 2015.  It will then be on view at Ballyfermot Library during April.
Admission to the exhibition is free.  (Groups of 12 or more will need to book)

Opening times:         Mon. – Thurs.:  10.00 am – 8.00 pm
                                 Fri. & Sat.         :         10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Booking enquiries:    6744806
Location:                  Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street Dublin 2
Further information:  (01) 6744842/ (01) 6744843