210 Additional bed spaces for rough sleepers in Dublin to be put in place

The Dublin Region Homeless Executive and Dublin City Council today confirmed that the nightly average of the number of total persons who are engaged with Dublin’s Housing First Service (funded by Dublin City Council and operated by Focus Ireland and the Peter McVerry Trust) is currently at 140.  It is clear that increased rates of reported rough sleeping are related to the capacity of available emergency accommodation provided in the Dublin region.

The recent increased demand for access to all forms of emergency accommodation in Dublin is not yet abating.

Dublin City Council is advanced in work to expand emergency accommodation provision and will be bringing an additional 210 bed spaces into use as soon as possible as part of it's winter strategy to prevent rough sleeping.

At present, the population of adults in emergency accommodation in Dublin is 2,988.  Adults experiencing homelessness are also accompanied by child dependents and at present there are 2,065 children in emergency accommodation in Dublin, including staying in commercial hotels.