The 97th Dublin City Liffey Swim Men’s and Women’s Results


06th August, 2016

The 97th Dublin City Liffey Swim organised by the Leinster Open Sea and sponsored by Dublin City Council took place today, Saturday, 06th August, 2016.

This year’s swim of 2.2 kilometres started at Rory O’Moore Bridge (beside the Guinness Brewery) and finished at North Wall Quay in front of the Customs House.

Swimmers were assigned a time handicap depending on their level of proficiency.

Results of the Men’s Event which started at 1.30pm as follows:

  • Winner -  Brian Murray, Eastern Bay Club, time 29 minutes,  46 seconds (Handicap: 1 minute )

Results of the Women’s Event which started at 2.30pm as follows:

  • Winner - Jennifer Gilbert, Swim4life Club, time 31 minutes,  29 seconds (Handicap:  1 minute, 15 seconds)


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