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BID (Business Improvement District) Scheme


Who pays the BID contribution?

  • The person liable for the payment of the BID contribution levy is the person who is in occupation of the property on the date that the annual BID multiplier is determined. If the property is unoccupied on that date, the owner is liable.
  • When a commercial property has been sold or assigned, the Rates Office should be notified in writing so as to ensure that any further BID levy bills are forwarded to the correct person.
  • The levy is also payable by the owner if the property is unoccupied on the date the BID multiplier is determined.  

The following conditions apply in order to avail of this reduced rate (proofs required):

  1. The owner was not occupying the property on the entry date.
  2. No other person was entitled to occupy
  3. Attempts were being made to let the proper 

Methods of Payment:

By post

In person

By Electronic Fund Transfer

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