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Dublin free WiFi logo

Dublin City Council has launched Free Wi-Fi hotspots around the city. As signage for the project we enlisted the help of pixel artist Craig Robinson to create 14 icons of Dublin.These in turn are made into mosaics and have been erected in designated areas.

Icons of Dublin 

Click on the icons below to find out more about them.

Opens Street Cleaner page

Opens Viking page

Opens Molly Malone page

Opens the Phil Lynott page

Opens Rugby Guy page

Opens Pyjama Girl page

Opens GAA Man page


Opens the Dracula page


Opens the Oscar Wilde page


Opens Rockabilly Chick page


Opens Tourist page

 Opens the Flower Seller page  Opens the Trad Busker page  Opens The Spire page


Map of WiFi Areas

Opens Google Map of Wfi locations

For more information

Click here to register. (You will be re-directed to the Gowex website)