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Community and Social Development

Community and Social Development Images

Community and Social Development is about building viable, inclusive and sustainable communities throughout the city. There is a strong team of staff throughout the city working with communities in the Council’s 5 administrative areas (Central, South Central, South East, North West and North Central). Working in partnership with community volunteers, residents, businesses, statutory and non statutory agencies, elected representatives and other city council staff ensures that a proactive approach is taken to dealing with the opportunities and challenges that face the city.

We work to promote the development of social cohesion where everyone has the opportunity to participate in the life of the city and have their voices heard. In addition to helping with capacity building for participation the team assist communities and residents groups to identify their needs and develop appropriate plans.  A culture of volunteering is promoted where people of all ages and abilities are encouraged to get involved in their communities.  

Key Personnel


Image of Brendan Kenny


Image of Bernie Doherty


Image of Maire Igoe

Brendan Kenny
Assistant City
Bernie Doherty
Senior Executive
Máire Igoe
Senior Executive

Brendan Kenny, Assistant City Manager, has overall responsibility for Community & Social Development and Culture Recreation and Amenity Services.