About the Housing Land Initiative

Dublin City Council believes that the hallmark of a successful mixed tenure community is one where the community grows organically developing its own sense of place and sharing in its aspirations for a community.

  • The tenure mix for O`Devaney Gardens & Oscar Traynor road is 30% social housing, 50% private housing and 20% affordable purchase.
  • In 2018, Emmet Road (formerly St Michael’s Estate) the third site of the Housing Land Initiative, was identified for a Pilot Cost Rental Scheme with 30% Social & 70%  Cost Rental Accommodation.

Main Principals of the Housing Land Initiative

  • Procurement through Competitive Dialogue, which places tight control over the developments, via a contractual Development Agreement.
  • Reduction of exposure of DCC to the inherent Planning Risk (and costs) involved in progressing the sites.
  • Built – in tenure mix set at 50% Private, 30% social and 20% Affordable.
  • Site development costs and associated infrastructure to be borne mainly by the preferred Economic Operator (developer).
  • No Local Authority borrowing to develop site resulting in adherence to EU spending rules.
  • Land Ownership remains under DCC control until each phase is complete to ensure that speculative profiteering is not available to the Economic Operator (“flipping” site to enhance profit, delaying development until value of land increases, etc.).

For the Housing Affordable Scheme: Further information on eligibility, income limits, is expected to be published over the coming months.