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Planning Fees and Charges

The cost of your planning application depends on what you are proposing to build. Planning applications range in size from from small house extensions to large residential, commercial or industrial developments.

Fees are set out in the table below. If you require further information on the cost of your application, contact us at the address below.

Find your planning application fee

General guidelines:

  • Minimum fee = €34
  • Maximum possible fee = €38,000
  • Maximum fee in the case of retention = €125,000
  • Fee for an outline application is 75% of the full fee (subject to a minimum)
  • Maximum fee for outline permission = €28,500

Note: You may also have to pay a Development Levy. Find out more about Development Levies below.

Find your planning application fee
Class No and Description

Amount of fee

Amount of fee for retention permission

Provision of dwelling House or Apartment

€65 per unit

€195 or € 2.50 per square metre of gross floor space, whichever is greater

Domestic extension/other improvements


€102 or € 2.50 per square metre of gross floor space, whichever is greater

Provision of agricultural buildings or structures for keeping greyhounds (see Regulations.)

Minimum €80

See Regulations

Other buildings (i.e. offices, commercial etc.)

€3.60 per sq. metre of gross floor space or part thereof (minimum €80)


(minimum €240)

Use of land (intensive agriculture, afforestation, forest replacement, peat extraction) see Regulations.

€5 per hectare

€15 per hectare

Use of land (mining, deposit or waste)

€50 per 0.1 hectare or part thereof

(minimum €500)


(minimum €1,500)

Use of land (camping, parking of motor vehicles, open storage of motor vehicles)

€50 per 0.1 hectare or part thereof

(minimum € 80)


(minimum €240)

Provision of plant/machinery/tank or other structure for storage purposes.

€50 per 0.1 hectare or part thereof

(minimum €200)


(minimum €600)

Advertising structure

€20 per sq. metre or part thereof

(minimum €80)


(minimum €240)

Electricity transmission lines

€50 per 1,000 metres

(minimum €80)


(minimum €240)

Use of land as golf or pitch & putt course

€50 per hectare


Use of lands as a burial ground

€50 per hectare

(minimum € 200)


(minimum €600)

Development not coming within any of the above classes

€80 or €10 per 0.1 hectare, whichever is greater

€240 or €30 per 0.1 hectare, whichever is greater

Development Levy

If you are granted planning permission for a development that is not domestic in nature, you may be asked to pay a development levy. This is in addition to the charges you pay when applying for planning permission.

The levy is based on public facilities you will benefit from

This includes roads, water, sewerage, parks and other facilities provided by the council.

There are also additional levies that can apply if you are granted permission in the following areas:

  • The Markets Area in the north inner city.
  • The development area around Heuston railway station.
  • Around the proposed Metro North underground railway line.

Tender Price Index

The development levy is subject to change to match how much Dublin City Council pays for the services it buys, e.g. road construction, maintenance, etc.

This is referred to as the ‘Tender Price Index’.

For more information

Dublin City Council
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