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Dublin City Parks

A photo taken in Bushy Park


Sunday 9th March   Volunteers  Clean up Marine Litter Bull Island  

Sat 8th  March ERASMUS students  do  Tree Planting in Ballyfermot  

Sat 8th Sun 9th  March Celebrate Ramsar World Wetlands

Dublin has a proud heritage of parks. The City Council is very conscious of this heritage and the value of our network of green spaces and urban trees for the physical and mental health and well being of its citizens providing as it does opportunity for rest, relaxation and recreation.

Even within the heart of the City there are small oases of green space. It is our intention to identify opportunities for ‘greening’ other urban spaces to enhance biodiversity and the liveability of the City.

Our objective is to ensure that all citizens of the City have reasonable and proximate access to quality open space, nature, play and recreational facilities. For this purpose we will implement an Open Space Strategy to identify deficiencies in provision and prepare a phased programme of improvements.

For those working and visiting the City we will also seek to achieve excellence in horticulture and the general presentation of our historic Parks and squares and consider opportunities for improving  visitor facilities. The decoration of the City and animation of spaces is an important role for the Parks Service.

Parks Opening and Closing Times