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Smithfield Horse Fair


Photo of torches in Smithfield
The City Council in conjunction with the Smithfield Horse owners group is committed to developing and promoting Smithfield Horse Fair as a part of the city’s cultural heritage.

New Bye-laws designed to improve standards of animal welfare and ensure safety and enjoyment of those attending Dublin's Smithfield Horse Fair were passed by Dublin City Council at its meeting of 14th January 2013. It is hoped that the new regulation will re-invigorate the traditional horse fair which had witnessed a decline in recent years .

Under the new bye-laws the fair will now take place twice a year, on the first Sunday of March and September.

The new laws will ensure the orderly running and management of the horse fair at Smithfield, the safety of all persons attending and the welfare of animals at the fair.

The first Smithfield Horse Fair under the new bye-laws was held on Sunday the 3rd March 2013, where in addition to the traditional display of horses there was live traditional music, an exhibition on the history of Smithfield and a screening of photographs explaining the historical significance of the Smithfield area.
Application forms for a casual trading licence to bring a horse to the next Smithfield Horse Fair on 1st September 2013 will be available from July 2013. Licences can be purchased on-line using this link. Applications can also be made in person at Dublin City Council’s Civic Offices, CRA Department, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

Smithfield Horse Fair, Sunday 2nd March 2014

The Smithfield Horse Fair, Dublin will take place on Sunday 2nd March 2014 from 9.00hrs to 13.00hrs.


  • 10.30 am              Slide Guitarist
  • 11.00 am              Story session
  • 11.30 am              Traditional Irish music
  • 12.00 pm              Slide Guitarist
  • 12.30 pm              Story session
  • 1.00 pm              Traditional Irish music

Note both a  Casual Trading Licence and a current Equine Passport is required in respect of each horse brought to the fair.  The fee for a Casual Trading Licence is €10. 

Horse owners can now apply to Dublin City Council for a Casual Trading Licence.  

For further information contact casualtrading@dublincity.ie  or Tel (01) 222 2165

For more information

Email: smithfieldhorsefair@dublincity.ie