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Apply for Motor Tax Online

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You can tax a new vehicle or renew the tax on an existing vehicle on the internet at www.motortax.ie.

Note: Not all vehicles can be taxed online. Check the list of vehicles that can be taxed online below.

Tax a New Vehicle Online 

Visit the Motor Tax website at www.motortax.ie

To apply online, read these instructions:

Check the list of vehicles below that can be taxed online.

  • Get your Motor Tax PIN number. The PIN number is the last six characters of your vehicle's chassis number as printed on RF100 form. (For example, if your chassis number is KMHUD31LPXU478J27, your PIN is 478J27.) You can get form RF100 from the following sources:
    • If you bought the vehicle from a garage: From the garage that sold you the vehicle.
    • If you bought the vehicle privately: On the sale of the vehicle to a new owner (other than to a motor dealer) the registered owner selling the vehicle must forward the form RF100 and details in writing of the name /address of the new owner and date of transfer of ownership to the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Shannon, Co. Clare.
    • If you imported the vehicle: From the National Car Testing Service at www.nct.ie
  • Get the insurance details of your vehicle from your insurer.
  • Get the vehicle's registration number on your RF100.

Renew the Tax on an Existing Vehicle Online

Visit the Motor Tax website at www.motortax.ie

To apply online you need: 

  • Check the list of vehicles below that can be taxed online (see below).
  • Tax renewal form RF100B.
  • The PIN number that is written on the right-hand side of the form RF100B. 
  • The insurance details of your vehicle.
  • A credit card or debit card. 

Types of Vehicle that can be Taxed Online

  • Private cars


    Vintage or veteran vehicles

    Agricultural Tractors, Excavators/Diggers, and Combine Harvesters

    Vehicles adapted for use by people with disabilities

    Motor caravans (not for first taxing)


If your vehicle type is not listed, you must apply for tax by post or in person. This includes:

  • Goods Vehicles
  • Taxis and Hackneys
  • Buses and school buses

Tax a vehicle for the first time by post or in person.

Renew the tax on a vehicle by post or in person.

For more information

Dublin City Council
Motor Tax Office
Block B
Blackhall Walk
Queen Street
Dublin 7

Opening hours 9.30am to 3.30pm. Monday to Friday.

Tel: 01 222 8000
Fax: 01 872 1004

Ballymun Motor Tax Office
Ballymun Civic Centre
Main Street
Dublin 9

Motor Tax Online

Helpline: 1890 411 412
Email: motortax@transport.ie
Web: www.motortax.ie