Smart Dublin

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Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve city challenges and improve city life. It was launched in March 2016 (watch the video here)

Our key objectives are to:

  1. Provide Better Services - To develop, drive and facilitate public services which are better, easier, more efficient and accessible for citizens.
  2. Promote Innovative Solutions - To provide new, innovative and better solutions to existing and future challenges which impact our citizens, businesses and visitors.
  3. Improve Economic Activity - To support regional economic development by helping to create an ecosystem that attracts and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and businesses, and communicates this to the wider world.
  4. Increase Collaboration and Engagement - To create effective internal and external collaborations and partnerships with local authorities, other public sector organisations, academia, external agencies, businesses, citizens and international partners.

At the very beginning of the initiative Smart Dublin ran workshops with more than 150 operational staff in the four Dublin local authorities and they informed us that their big challenges were around Sustainable Mobility (e.g. reduce congestion; logistics and freight optimisation; better understand movement & flows); Extreme Weather & Flooding (e.g. better response and prediction, low cost monitoring); Environment (e.g. noise, air quality, clean litter free streets); and Energy (e.g. reducing energy footprint, improve building performance, upgrade street lighting, district heating).

Dublin has a privileged ecosystem of multinationals, start-ups, SMEs, research institutions, city and state agencies and citizen/community groups, who are committed and excited to support Smart Dublin’s vision. One of our objectives is to partner and collaborate with internal champions and external stakeholders to develop successful projects.  We also aim to make Dublin an ideal place for testing smart cities solutions and a champion of open data sets.

Some exciting collaborations and projects so far are:

To find out more about projects we are working on, to collaborate with us and to get regular updates, visit WWW.SMARTDUBLIN.IE. You can also find city region open data sets at WWW.DUBLINKED.IE.


The Team

  • Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager
  • Zaira Rivera, Smart Dublin Regional Co-ordinator
  • Mainard Gallager, Smart City Co-ordiantor for Dublin City Council
  • Pauline Riordan, Dublinked Manager
  • Nicola Graham, Dublinked Community Manager
  • Brendan Fahey, Dublinked Technical Lead