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Derelict Sites


A site can be classified as ‘derelict’ if it meets the following criteria:

  • It has accumulated a lot of litter or other waste.
  • It contains dangerous or ruined structures.
  • It contains land or structures that are in a neglected or unsightly condition.

Report a derelict site

To report a derelict site, contact us at the address below.

We will then visit the site to determine if it is qualifies. If so, it will be added to the

What happens if your site is added to the Derelict Sites Register

If a site that you own is added to the Derelict Sites Register, Dublin City Council has the authority to do the following:

  1. We can demand that you restore your site to a non-derelict condition within a certain time period. You are normally given 6 weeks to complete such work. A financial penalty may be imposed if you fail to do so.
  2. We can apply a financial penalty on you. This could amount to 3% of market value of your derelict site for every year it remains on the Derelict Sites Register.
  3. We can purchase your property by agreement or by compulsory purchase order.

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