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Water Projects


The Strategic Planning and Project Management Divisions (SPPMD) provide a range of services which include:

  • Strategic planning of Water, wastewater and flood protection for the City and Region.
  • Delivering a Capital Investment Programme for water supply, waste water and flood protection.
  • Managing EU funded projects including Flood Resilient Cities and SAFER.
  • Co-Ordinating Environmental Protection for 12 Local Authorities and 33 Public Bodies under the EU Water Framework


  • Co-ordination of (non Fire) Emergency Management under National Framework with 6 Local Authorities/HSE/Garda Siochana.
  • Business Planning for 2,500 staff in Environment & Engineering and Fire Brigade.
  • Performance Management and Development (PMDS) for 2,500 staff

Please click here to read the overall Water Services Strategic Plan for the City which includes key capital projects.

Water Projects

The Greater Dublin Water Supply Strategic Study, commissioned by the Department of the Environment back in 1996 sets out an investment programme up to 2016. 

The Dublin Region Water Supply is sourced from the four following water treatment plants, Roundwood, Ballyboden, Leixlip and Ballymore Eustace.  The study outlined the need to both increase water production and conserve the existing supplies to meet the ever-increasing demand.  Dublin City Council Engineering Department has initiated schemes to continue and improve the provision of a clean and reliable water supply. Some of the needs are listed below.  

  • Increase Water Production at Ballymore Eustace
  • Reduce Water Leakage in the Greater Dublin Region
  • Rehabilitate or Replace existing Watermains
  • Identify new water sources
  • Improvement works to existing Storage Reservoirs

Wastewater Projects

The Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study (GDSDS) 2005-2031 outlines the strategic plan for the region to 2031. The Dublin Bay project greatly improved water quality in Dublin Bay and the Ringsend improvement project will continue this improvement in conjunction with implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive through the Eastern River Basin District (ERBD) Plan.

Flooding Projects

The Dublin Flooding Initiative 2002-2050 is the framework within which flood protection for the City is being provided. A detailed briefing was given to Dublin City Council in September 2009 which gives a comprehensive overview of the initiative. Please click here to view the presentation.

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