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Housing & Residential Services Department

The Housing and Residential Services Department is responsible for the management, maintenance and accumulation of public housing in Dublin City. We also source and allocate private houses through our Affordable Housing Initiative.

The department also has an enforcement role to ensure the quality of accommodation in the private rented sector meets a set of minimum standards.

Our Services

  • Rental Accommodation Scheme - for those with an urgent housing need
  • Affordable Housing Scheme - for those who want to buy a home  
  • Shared Home Ownership Scheme - between you and the council
  • Purchase of council homes
  • Services for homeless people
  • Payments of housing loans or rental accounts
  • Loans for home improvement
  • Grants for housing for people with disabilities 
  • Grants for essential home repairs 
  • Maintenance services for council houses 
  • System for responding to anti-social behaviour in council housing 
  • Community development projects
  • Social inclusion services
  • Accommodation for the travelling community 

For more information

Dublin City Council
Housing and Residential Services Department
Block 1, Floor 1
Civic Offices
Wood Quay
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 222 2222

Or contact the council office that looks after your local area.