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South East Area Councillors

Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn

Pembroke/Rathmines Labour Photo of Councillor Oisin Quinn

Councillor Edie Wynne


Pembroke/Rathmines  Fine Gael Photo of Councillor Edie Wynne

Councillor Gerry Ashe (Chairperson)


South East Inner City Labour Image of Councillor Gerry Ashe

Councillor Kieran Binchy 

South East Inner City

Fine Gael

Image of Councillor Kieran Binchy
South East Inner City  Independent

Photo of Councillor Mannix Flynn

Councillor Mary Freehill  Pembroke/Rathmines  Labour 

Photo of Councillor Mary Freehill

Councillor Dermot Lacey  Pembroke/Rathmines  Labour 

Photo of Councillor Dermot Lacey

Councillor Paddy McCartan (Vice-Chairperson)


Pembroke/Rathmines Fine Gael A picture of Councillor Paddy McCartan
Pembroke/Rathmines Fianna Fáil

Photo of Councillor Jim O'Callaghan

South East Inner City  Labour

Photo of Councillor Maria Parodi

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