Activating Temple Bar’s lanes for people to use and enjoy #lovedublanes

Thursday 24th July at 11.15 a.m. Photocall at Crampton Court, Dublin 2 (beside the Olympia Theatre)
Love the Lanes is a joint initiative between Dublin City Council and the Temple Bar Company to pilot solutions and interventions to address issues in the laneways of Temple Bar. Over the years these lanes have fallen into disuse and have become magnets for anti-social behaviour.  Our goal is to reactivate these lanes for people to use and enjoy through creative intervention. For information on Love the Lanes click on    
The main focus for Love the Lanes is on Adair and Bedford Lanes, Copper Alley and Crampton Court. Of the 60 proposals and ideas received 10 have been shortlisted and are being developed for implementation on the Laneways of Temple Bar with the support of residents and businesses.  Four of these projects are now active, three on Crampton Court:
“Bloom Fringe Legacy” green wall installation by Esther Gerrard, Eoghan Riordan and Edward Coveney. Anna Doran’s tiled wall installation “Love Lane” brings love back to Temple Bar. Strong, bright, eye catching subjects are demonstrated in “Spray Fest” by Alexa MacDermot, White Lady Art Gallery & Minaw Collective – Female Street Artists Ireland and “Screen and Scene” Pop Up Cinema by Tara McGuinness & Brigit McCone of Synapsis Production brought Copper Alley alive during June and July at the Temple Bar Night Markets.
Speaking about the initiative Frank Lambe, Assistant Area Manager with Dublin City Council said “The response to the Love the Lanes call has been very encouraging. The level of creativity and imagination in the ideas submitted was exceptional and this made the Assessment Panel’s task very difficult for final selection. There is no quick fix to the complex problems in the city laneways but it is important to look at alternate and inventive ways to find possible solutions.  The response to Love the Lanes showed that the citizens of Dublin are interested in participating and making a difference to their city and it is heartening to see that people are more than willing to come up with ideas and get involved”.
“We think these lanes have the potential to become great pedestrian spaces, to boost activity and feed into Temple Bar’s vibrant arts and culture scene” said Martin Harte, CEO, The Temple Bar Company.
Coming Soon
We are very excited about OUTVASION – Open Air Gallery which will be prototyped in Crampton Court this August as part of the Temple Bar Summer Festival. Curated by KEMP a stencil artist the idea behind the exhibition is to give the public much greater access to the work of street artists and the processes and techniques involved. The Artists will paint live and the public will be able to witness how the work comes together and will have the opportunity to engage with the artists.  
Music is a great way to engage and encourage civic participation. “Making Spaces/ Sound” by Orlaith Ross will take place this summer and will provide access to a decorated piano and will give musicians or would-be musicians the opportunity to share their creativity. There will also be an Audiovisual Show by Synapsis Production in Crampton Court in August.
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Notes to the Editor:
The project was launched on 21st March 2014 with an open call for new ideas. The response from the public was remarkable and 60 new ideas were submitted from all kinds of people including designers, crafters, environmentalists, horticulturists, artists, entrepreneurs and local businesses by the closing date.  The response to Love the Lanes has shown that there is a real desire by the public to bring life back into the laneways in this historic part of the city. 10 ideas are going forward to implementation on Adair and Bedford Lanes, Copper Alley and Crampton Court in Temple Bar and may become permanent.  A number of ideas will be trialled this summer while others require financial investment and a longer timeline.
Future projects planned
Love the Lanes has generated a large amount of interest in Crampton Court and we believe that it could be used for small events in the future. The installation of the Urban Rug by Urban Agency could further enhance this space but is a more long term project.
Eoghan Riordan’s “Sail installations - Activating Views” proposes the installation of bright coloured canopies over Adair and Bedford Lanes. The painting of metal security gates into ‘Colourful Pencils’ by Icon Walk artists proposes tointroduce colour into Bedford Lane.  
By working together with neighbouring businesses, local communities and artists we hope to create more vibrant and safe laneways for everyone.