Appeal to Young People

Appeal to Young People from Lord Mayor of Dublin Tom Brabazon

During this difficult time for our city and country I would like to appeal to a minority of people, particularly teenagers, who seem to be missing the point about the dangers of the Corona Virus. Please use alternative methods to face to face gatherings in order to stay in touch with each other. You can still talk to your friends, but do it through social media and apps such as FaceTime etc. If you gather in large numbers you are putting people’s lives at risk, especially older people such as your parents, grandparents and elderly neighbours.

As a city we are under siege by our microbial enemies but we can, and will, beat this disease.  The question for us really is whether we’re all willing to play our part to help our city emerge from this crisis with as few casualties as possible. I am again calling on Dubliners, and visitors to our city, to maintain the absolute discipline of social distancing.  I know people are tired of this message, but it needs to be repeated again because it, together with thorough hand washing, will save lives.  Who amongst us would not want to be a hero and save one life? 

I want to praise Dubliners for the community spirit that has been shown in recent days.  We have seen brilliant initiatives like voluntary home deliveries for the elderly, shopping for the vulnerable, online exercise classes for children, virtual participation in the virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and community exercise with social distancing.  Just this morning I saw GAA clubs mobilising teams to get food to our most vulnerable.  I have heard of people self-isolating on the chance that they may have been exposed.  The hero inside each of us can be found only skin deep, we just have to look for him or her.

I know we can beat this but we all have to pull together.  

Keep the neighbour assistance going, keep the social distancing going, keep the sanitisation going.  Most importantly keep safe. 

Keep well Dublin.