Automatic cycle counter comes to Grove Road – first for Dublin City

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Lord Mayor Andrew Montague will officially open the first automatic cycle counter in the city on Grove Road on 20th September 2011. The cycle counter automatically counts cyclists passing in both directions and relays information to Dublin City Council’s traffic control centre. It features a roadside display which shows numbers of cyclist passing per day, number of cyclists so far this year, time and temperature. The data aids traffic planning and the display acts as a promotional tool to encourage more people to cycle.

Lord Mayor Andrew Montague who will be the first to be recorded on the facility says, “Cycling numbers are on the up and up in Dublin and we now want to measure this success. This facility will help us gauge the demand for cycling in the city and this will help us make more informed decisions when planning cycling infrastructure.”

It is one of the Council’s events to mark European Mobility Week which takes place from the 16th-22nd September. European Mobility Week is a European wide initiative, which invites all local authorities, communities, schools and parents in the country to participate in a week of activities which promotes alternatives to the car.


Notes to the Editor

Information on how the cycling counter works:

Sensors buried in the road called inductive loops sense bikes passing. As metal objects pass over the loop they cause a small pulse of electricity which can be measured. The sensors can tell the difference between cars and bikes and only record the bikes.

Living Streets:

On the 22nd September Dame Court will be turned into an urban park for one day only. People can picnic on the Astroturf at lunchtime and review stands themed around sustainable travel. In the evening a free open air movie will be screened. The projector will be powered by energy generated by six cyclists pedalling static bikes. The audience will be encouraged to take turns pedalling to keep the show going.