Autumn Leaf Collection

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Did you know that Dublin City Council collects hundreds of tonnes of fallen leaves from the City Streets each Autumn.  Main thoroughfares and arterial routes into the city are cleared on an ongoing basis during this time.

In residential areas where it is not possible to provide the same frequency of service many residents groups, associations and individuals get involved in helping to manage their own areas by carrying out leaf clearing initiatives.

Dublin City Council provides bags and equipment to these groups and removes all of the collected bagged leaves free of charge.

To arrange to get involved and obtain this equipment simply contact your local area office:

South East Area Tel: 2223934                      email:

South Central Area Tel: 2225200                email:

Central Area Tel: 1800248 348                     email:

North Central Area Tel: 222 8870               email:

North West Area Tel:     2225400                email:

Map of areas

You can check your area here on a detailed map.

To arrange for collection of the bags let the area office know or contact our customer services centre on Tel: 2222222 or

Remember collections are carried out Monday to Friday.  If you are planning on carrying out your leaf collection over the weekend remember the bags will not be removed until the following Monday.

Dublin City Council also has a small prize fund that is used to fund a raffle for prizes in each area to say thanks to those who get involved in collecting leaf fall in their areas.