Beware Litter Louts in the North Inner City Dublin City Council is IBALing you!

Dublin City Council is Watching and Prosecuting – Report Illegal Dumping


An tArtmheara Críona Ní Dhálaigh will launch Dublin City Council’s Anti Litter publicity campaign on Thursday, 27th August, 2015, at Smithfield Plaza, Dublin 7 at 9.15am. The event will also feature the City Councils new Street Sweeping Fleet.
Dublin City Council is intensifying its Anti Litter Campaign this year in an effort to deal with the serious problem of illegal dumping in parts of the North Inner City.
The campaign comes on foot of the latest IBAL (Irish Business Against Litter) report which declared that certain areas in the North Inner City continue to be seriously littered with the area ranked 39th out of 40th nationwide in respect of cleanliness.
Dublin City Council is calling on all citizens in the city, and in particular, the North Inner City, to report illegal dumping via a special confidential Litter Hotline which is now available – Tel: 1800 251 500 or online at

The council is asking citizens to take pride in their area and play their part in keeping their community clean by reporting illegal dumping.
The City Council’s #keepdublinclean campaign is promoting a zero tolerance approach to illegal dumping especially towards the dumping of untagged bags on the public streets.   Streets where illegal dumping is a particular problem are being targeted and our ‘Clean Dublin Team’  (litter wardens) are calling door to door to  ensure households have waste disposal arrangements in place.  CCTV monitoring has been installed and additional signage has been placed in black spot areas advising on the correct waste collection day. Owners of properties suspected of illegal dumping are being identified through property and title searches.
An tArdmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh said ‘Dublin City Council is now very proactive in tackling this crisis. We are prosecuting those who dump illegally on our streets and we are also prosecuting the householders that have no legal waste disposal arrangements in place.  We will do all we can to ensure that the North Inner City is no longer a litter black spot. I would encourage everyone to share this civic responsibility and report illegal dumping by calling our litter hotline (1800 251 500) in confidence.  Déanfaimid gach iarracht a chinntiú nach mbeidh Tuaisceart Lár  na Cathrach ina bhall dubh bhruscair níos mó.  As the Irish proverb says “Ar Scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” (People live in each other’s shadows) Be proud of your neighbourhood and your community and help us to keep the North Inner City clean from litter’.
 “Our new ‘Street Sweeping Fleet’ featured today confirms that Dublin City Council has made a significant investment towards street cleaning in this city. Street cleaning is a shared responsibility and we are asking people to help us tackle the significant litter crisis in our North Inner City by reporting illegal dumping.  Our Waste Management Division devotes significant resources towards street cleaning in the North Inner City every day.  The cost of dealing with illegal dumping last year was €670,000’, said Brian Hanney, Waste Management Division, Dublin City Council.
The campaign has seen 579 household visits in the area to ensure that waste disposal arrangements are in place. Advisory notices have been issued to non compliant households resulting in 55% of those households having waste disposal arrangements in place.  Dublin City Council’s Green Schools Officer has visited local schools to educate students about litter prevention. Our Team has also met with voluntary groups in the area to inform them of this campaign and seek their assistance with our Adopt a Street initiative ( ) in the North Inner City area. This has resulted in a number of streets being adopted by local voluntary and community groups. Some traffic signal boxes in the area have also been painted under the Traffic Box Art Project to make them more attractive.
We will be using hash tag  #keepdublinclean on all social media in relation to this campaign. Visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates on our initiatives.
Keeping our city clean is a shared responsibility for us all. Help us, Keep Dublin Clean with the Clean Dublin Team.

For further information contact:
Dublin City Council Media Relations Office T. (01) 222 2170,
Brian Hanney, Senior Executive Officer, Waste Management Divison, Environment and Transportation Department, Dublin City Council. T. (01) 2224475