Blackball Team winners at World Championships

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The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Gerry Breen will present scrolls to members of the Irish Blackball Team at a special event on 9th February, 2011 at 7.30 p.m. in the Ballymun Civic Centre. The President of the Irish Olympic Committee, Pat Hickey, will also address the 150 invited guests. The event, organised by Dublin City Council, marks the success of the Irish Blackball Team in the World Blackball Championships held in Limoges, France in November 2010. The Irish Under-23 Team won the World Championship event for that age group.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin said

“I have no doubt that the families and supporters of the team must be particularly pleased with their achievements. You should be very proud of them. As first citizen of the City of Dublin, I want to echo that sense of pride by being here to personally congratulate you all on a job well done”.


He also noted the set up of a new National Governing Body for Cue Sports in Ireland the ‘Southern Ireland Cue Sports Federation’.


“I welcome tonight’s announcement on the formation of a national governing organisation for Cue Sports in Ireland. This organisation will oversee the development of Blackball, Nine ball and Snooker. This new organisation, the Southern Ireland Cue Sports Federation, is represented by 18 counties in the Republic and has 1,200 registered individuals”

said the Lord Mayor.



Photo Opportunity - Lord Mayor plays a challenge match against Ireland’s top seed Wayne Neeson. Wayne is a former European and World Champion and a member of the Under-23 Squad.

Notes to the editor

This is the second time that the Irish Under-23 Team won this event, and it is the first time that any team has retained the World Team Title. The team is made up of local Ballymun people and ranks at the top of the domestic leagues.

This success has come as a result of the determination and hard work of Martin Kirwan of the Southern Ireland Pool Federation. The group is also supported by the Ballymun Region Youth Resource and Dublin City Council.