Christmas comes to the Mansion House with the opening of IFA Live Animal Crib

Lord Mayor of Dublin Nial Ring and President of the Irish Farmers’ Association Joe Healy will open the IFA Live Animal Crib on Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 10.30am at the Mansion House, Dublin 2.
Lord Mayor of Dublin Nial Ring said, “The Crib allows us to celebrate and appreciate the simplicity of the Christmas message and is an enjoyable tradition we look forward to each year at the Mansion House.  I would like to thank the Irish Farmers Association for the gift and continued care of the animals at the Live Animal Crib.  I look forward to meeting as many people as possible who will be visiting the crib and although the viewing is free we do accept donations. Any donations received will be distributed by the Mansion House Fuel Fund to some very worthy charities to help those in need in Dublin.”
IFA President Joe Healy said, he was looking forward to the opening of the Live Animal Crib on December 12th. “Our partnership with the Lord Mayor and Dublin City Council gives so many families who visit Dublin the chance to see a live nativity scene.  The Christmas experience may have evolved, but the nativity remains at the centre of what Christmas is all about. However busy you are, I would encourage you to take some time between now and Christmas Eve to visit the Mansion House.  It’s a reminder of what farmers contribute and it’s an opportunity to donate to the Lord Mayor’s Fuel Fund”.
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The IFA Live Animal Crib
The Crib has been a joint venture between Dublin City Council and the Irish Farmers’ Association since 1995.  The Crib is constructed by Dublin City Council’s Housing Maintenance Section and is a life size stable containing a sheep, donkey and goat which are provided and cared for by the Irish Farmer’s Association.  The animals are brought in each morning and returned to a farm on the outskirts of the city each evening.  The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also advises with regards to the care of the animals.
The Crib will be open to the public from Wednesday 12th December until Sunday 23rd December from 11am to 5pm daily and Christmas Eve from 11am to 1pm.
The Mansion House Fuel Fund
The Mansion House Fuel Fund was set up by Sir John Arnott in 1891.  It was originally set up to assist the needy during a particularly hard winter.  At the end of that winter the surplus was carried over to the next year and the Mansion House Fuel Fund has continued to aid the needy in Dublin since.  It is one of the oldest charities in Dublin.  The Mansion House Fuel Fund distributes cash grants through a number of Charitable Societies, without any distinction of creed.  Charities who have benefitted in recent years include the St. Vincent de Paul, Dublin Simon and Abbey Presbyterian Church Hamper Fund.
The Mansion House Fuel Fund is the Lord Mayor’s only personal charity.  The Lord Mayor is Chairman of the Fund and is assisted by the Secretary and Treasurer.  The committee meets twice a year with the Lord Mayor to determine the level of grants to be allocated to the recognised Charitable Bodies during the winter months.  There are no paid staff running the Charity with the only costs incurred being postage and audit.  All donations go to those in need.