Ciara Clancy

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Winner Best Start Up Business (up to 18 months) & Overall Winner  Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Dublin City

Ciara is passionate about providing People with Parkinson’s the tools to take control to live independent lives for longer. She is keen to transform healthcare provision through technology and develop a globally scalable business.

Working as a student and then health professional, Ciara witnessed the impact that Parkinson’s disease had on patients who struggled daily with their mobility and became increasingly dependent on health care systems and their families. Ciara was aware of the impact specialised mobility treatment could have on these patients in a single session at reducing symptoms and improving their patients mobility. Unfortunately with no innovative solution or specialised algorithm for automated treatment prescription, these treatments were only available in the costly in-clinic setting leaving patients struggling in the home. Ciara began two years of research and developed the specialised algorithms to enable automated individualised mobility treatment prescription daily. Ciara then validated her algorthms in a trial in Trinity College Dublin. Ciara then brought together a cross functional team to implement this new technology. In 2012, after nearly 2 years of preliminary work, Beats Medical was founded with the goal of giving people with Parkinson’s back their mobility and independence daily. Beats Medical development was funded by the team, boot strapping the venture and not taking a wage while building the product.

Beats Medical is revolutionising how people with Parkinson’s are treated, assessed and monitored.

Beats Medical have developed a pioneering technology treatment delivery which allows for the optimum prescription of Parkinson’s metronome treatment in the home daily through a technology solution. The use of the metronome therapy in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been the cornerstone of Parkinson’s management for the few past decades but until now it has only ever been available in the hospital setting. Through this patent pending solution Beats Medical can now provide this treatment in the home daily via a smart phone application.

The customer will be provided with daily treatment via a sound signal which overrides dysfunction in the brain to allow patients to walk normally again. They will be provided with improved care, quality of life, increased independence and control over their condition. Previously families were advised to look out for “deteriorations” with no expertise to evaluate and identify a true deterioration, with this solutionpatients and their families can have peace of mind that deterioration will be detected and displayed in their monthly report provided that they may show to their treating clinician. This will lead to a decrease in ‘in patient’ stays and substantial savings to national health care services.

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