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A magazine for primary school children

Classmate is a free children’s magazine published by Dublin City Council. The magazine is sent to 38,000 primary schoolchildren in the Dublin City area, four times a year.

Use Classmate to help kids learn

Classmate helps kids aged 4-12 to learn about:

Being Creative

  • Children design their own front cover for each seasonally themed edition of Classmate
  • They send in their film and book reviews, poems and short stories.
  • Prizes are given for the many crosswords, word puzzle competitions and much more

Nature and Environment

  • Child friendly articles on seasonal activities, recycling, litter, the City’s parks and the Green Schools programme

Art and Literature

  • Features on The Reading Tree programme and the MS Readathon and much more through Dublin City Public Libraries
  • Kids can appreciate art through regular articles on paintings from Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane collection

The City Council

  • Issues like road safety, fire safety and waste management are explained in a child friendly way.
  • Kids learn how they can become members of their own council

Comhairle na nÓg (Young People's Council)

  • Information is given on year round events in Dublin City

Use of the Irish Language

  • Gives children the chance to read a variety of topics and to take part in competitions through the medium of Irish.

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Autumn 2018

Download the Autumn 2019 Issue of Classmate.

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Classmate Autumn 2017