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DCL our story Dublin City branch libraries closed temporarily because of Covid 19 but we are reopening and we operate a range of services. See below for details on where you can 'Browse and borrow', on our 'Call and Collect' service, our Home Delivery service for people cocooning and of course our online offering.

For further updates check back here and keep an eye on our social media; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Joining the Library

Just fill out the online form. You'll get a temporary library number and you can set up a library PIN.


Browse and Borrow

Nine Dublin City libraries are now open for browsing and borrowing. These are Ballymun, Cabra, Coolock, and Raheny on the northside, and Ballyfermot, Pearse Street, Pembroke (Ballsbridge) Rathmines and Walkinstown on the southside.

The nine libraries will be open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday, for users to browse and borrow books and DVDs. In this initial phase of re-opening there will be no seating for reading or studying, and users are encouraged to keep their visit as short as possible, and to use the self-service kiosks.  Visitors will be able to collect printing from the Surfbox printers. More information...


Call and Collect

Dublin City Libraries are operating a 'Call and collect' service from the remaining branches. This allows you to contact your local branch with details of items you would like to borrow and then to collect them once they are available. More information...


Home Delivery Service for Cocooners

Dublin City Libraries, in partnership with the Dublin Volunteer Centre, have a book delivery service for people who are cocooning.

If you or your loved one are cocooning and would like to avail of this service, library staff will take your request and organise the delivery of the items to your home, with the help of volunteers from the Dublin Volunteer Centre. All items are on long loan, there are no overdue fines or fees and access to the service is always free.

For more details see our frequently asked questions about the Home Delivery Service.


Online Resources

Our eResources including ebooks, audio books, music and magazines are all still available.

To access the many eResources courtesy of Dublin City Libraries, all you need is an email address, your Dublin City library barcode and a PIN number. If you join now you get a temporary number which gives you access to a more limited range of the most popular eResources;  BorrowBox, Pressreader, RBDigital eMagazines, Universal Class and Transparent Languages Online.

Problems relating to your patron login, PIN, expiry date, please open a support ticket at Libraries Ireland Support.

If you have trouble accessing online resources such as BorrowBox, check the support details for that service on

IMPORTANT: If you are under the age of 18, you must review terms and conditions with your parent or guardian before agreeing, to make sure that you or your parent or guardian understand your and their legal obligations. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s digital content selections. Please note that the normal age restrictions for accessing content for e-books and e-audio books are not in place for users who have registered during this temporary arrangement.



To avoid a build-up of reserves in the system we have switched off reserves until such time as we open again. Reservations already made will be kept at your desiginated branch for you. In the meantime please ignore any messages received from branch libraries regarding reservations until we re-open.


Books Due Back?

Renewals can be made online, but there's no need to worry: there are no late fines and we will be delighted to see you and your books back in our branches when we open again.


Library Cards Expiring

We have renewed all library cards that were due to expire in the near future so hopefully that won’t be a problem.


Login / PIN Problems?

Never had a PIN? Can't remember it and haven't provided an email address? Problems relating to your patron login, PIN, expiry date, please open a support ticket at Libraries Ireland Support.

If you can't remember your PIN but have provided your email address, you can reset it yourself.  Follow the Forget Your PIN? link on this page.


Handling Library Material

We ask that you don't borrow library items if you or someone in your house has Covid 19 symptoms. If you do have items out and you, or someone in your house has symptoms please do not return the items until you or they have completed 14 days in isolation and have waited a further 3 days.




Hi; what about returning books 'by date due back' ; is this obsolete now?

Hi Pauline, Your books will autmoatically be renewed until the library branches reopen.

Hi I am trying to log into Borrowby but my children's cards have expired who can I contact to get them renewed? Many thanks

Hello Pamela. Please use this link

All the best.

Wondering if there's a `travelling library` service available while the Covid crisis prevails?
Many thanks
Mary d

No there isn't Mary due to current circumstances. Sorry about that.

Hi there, I am leaving Ireland and am unsure when I will return. Where can I return my books? Is there a branch with a dropbox I can leave them at? Let me know, thank you.

All branches are closed. I suggest you leave them with someone until we return to some sort of normality. There are no fines on library books now and I'm sure whenever they are returned will not be a problem. Kind Regards.

Has Dublin city library any plans to deliver books to older people like Cork and Kilkenny libraries?

We are working on it so keep an eye on our web page and socia media for updates.

Is it possible to request a book that may not be in stock?

It is indeed, Mary. It depends on a number of factors, but send title, author and (if possible) ISBN to and we will check it for you .

When is the blackrock library reopening again?

For Blackrock library try the dlr Libraries website:

Dublin City Libraries are planning a book collection service as part of the phased re-opening of libraries from 8th June. More details will be available next week. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for further information.


When will the libraries be open to use computers?

Dublin City Libraries are offering a book collection service as part of the phased re-opening of libraries from 8th June. The first phase will be piloted in 6 branches from 8th June as follows: Cabra, Coolock and Raheny on the north side, and Dolphin’s Barn, Rathmines and Walkinstown on the south side. Please read our blog for more information:

This is Dublin City Libraries plan at present but as you know this could change in the new normal.  We do not know exactly when the libraries will be open for computer usage.

We aim to keep our staff and the public safe and sound.

Hi, i started using ebooks since covid locdown, however i struggle to browse the collection. For example when I search for author Dan Brown, the results will show all ebooks whose titles/authors contain the word Dan, Brown, and both. Is there any way I could narrow down search for specific titles/authors please? Thank you for your service. Cheers.

Hello Lita, if you use the Search box and click into it to get Author then put surname first, so Brown, Dan - that will bring up all the available titles in the first few lines. Hope that helps. Kind Regards, Karen.

Is the click and collect service still going? I requested a book about three weeks ago, and was told I could collect it in Rathmines. I have heard nothing since.

Hello Michael, Rathmines library is open for borrow and browse but please email them and a staff member will update you on the status of your book request. Here's the email address:


I visited Pembroke Library recently. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the child friendly social distancing signs you have on the floor in the Children's Section. They would be great for schools.

Hello Jennifer,  please email and they shoud be able to help you.

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