The Dublin Covid-19 Pandemic Collection

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Dame Street The Covid-19 pandemic, and the lockdown which has come with it, is an historic moment in the life of our city. As a result, Dublin City Library and Archive are eager to collect material that documents the experience of our city and those that reside within it.

We know our city is made up of many people, having many different experiences at this time, and everyone’s experience is valid, so if you’re happy to share it, please do!

In gathering material relating to a cross section of Dublin society at this time, we can ensure that our archive represents a true picture of how our city and its people fared during the pandemic.

There are many ways that you can contribute to this collection of material- you can write us a letter or a postcard, or send us an email. You can send us any photographs or pictures that you feel represent your experience of the pandemic or lockdown. You can send us an account of a day in your life at the moment, and tell us how things have changed. Or, if you have any other unique, contemporaneous records or items that you believe are relevant to how our city responded to Covid-19, please do get in touch with us about donating them. We would ask you to fill out a short online donation form and to submit this with your donations. You can find it below.  This will allow us to record the provenance of the material, and to contact you with any queries.

Once we have received this material we will review it, and records which are accessioned will be preserved and stored in our archive strong rooms. When material has been fully catalogued, it will be made available to the public for consultation in the Dublin City Library and Archive Reading Room, where doing so would be in-keeping with data protection regulations. A closure period of 100 years will be applied to any records containing personal data. Intellectual copyright will rest with the creator. The terms of the Copyright and Related Acts (2000) will apply allowing DCLA to provide photocopies of material for research purposes only. Researchers wishing to publish will be obliged to write to the donor for permission to do so.

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My biggest highlight was to discover that one of the restaurant is offering my childhood favorite dish during covid 19 and it definitely made the months and covid 19 more enjoyable !

This is my son’s picture. His name is Arthur Maher and he’s ten years old. His dad does not live with him and he really missed being close to him during this strange time. No hugs or kisses as dad lives with grandad who has a compromised immune system. He will never forget this strange time for the rest of his hopefully, happy and fulfilled life ❤️

This is my mother, 87 year-old Betty Fagan from Addison Road in Fairview. The photo was taken on 11th April during lockdown and she was putting a candle in her front window to show support for our frontline workers.

These are my daughters Nina and Elise receiving their Easter Eggs from their granddad who is 79 at this point and was cocooning.

This photo was taken from outside my house in swords on 11th April 2020. The beam of light is from the air traffic control tower in Dublin Airport and it was lit to show support for all the frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

This picture is titled - “A New Path” - it symbolises that people had to behave in a social distancing manner and this has left its mark in many ways. A new path or way is also uplifting in that it’s future oriented, hopeful and positive - As a society we will get through this challenge together .

My saddest moment was seeing my five year old grand-daughter stare longingly, for several minutes, through my open front door, as if she was as looking into a past life.

This is a pic of my two girls during lock down home schooling. Look at the concentration on their little faces. They never complained once during the lock down as we are a tight little unit anyway so we are used to being together all or most of the time. There is no substitute for their class, teachers and school but I did my best. From Ma xx

This is Hartstown Park in Dublin 15 taken by Drone on one of the hottest days of the year