eBooks and eAudiobooks now Available!

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BorrowBox logoYou can now borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from Dublin City Public Libraries. Reserve or borrow up to 5 eAudiobooks and 5 eBooks at a time. Visit library.bolindadigital.com/dublin and sign in using your library membership card number and PIN. Don't have a PIN? Present in person your library card at any branch and you will be assigned a PIN. In order to download an ebook you need to install Adobe Digital Editions.

To access eBooks/eAudiobooks on your phone, tablet or reader, download the BorrowBox app from your device-specific App Store (Google Play) (iTunes) (Kindle Fire). Once you have installed the app, search for Dublin in the ‘Library’ field provided and then sign in using your library membership card number and PIN.

How and where you enjoy your favourite titles is your choice in just a few easy steps.

Step 1 Visit: library.bolindadigital.com/dublin and sign in using your library membership card number and your PIN.

Step 2 Search: Search by title, author or category, preview titles and more

Step 3 Borrow: Confirm your choice or reserve a title for later

Step 4 Download: Download your title instantly or any time during the loan period. When reserved titles are ready for downloading you will receive an email.

Step 5 Enjoy: Move the downloaded file to your media manager on your computer. Enjoy on your computer or transfer to your mobile device to enjoy - anywhere.

Step 6 Delete: When your loan expires you will receive an email reminder to delete the file. At the end of a loan period, or after you return an eBook, all files will automatically expire and can't be read anymore on any device. In the BorrowBox mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, all files are deleted automatically at the end of the loan period.

Step 7 Revisit: We're always adding new titles, so visit often and make the most of your library membership.

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Please note: BorrowBox does not work on a Kindle, exception Kindle Fire.

This service is provided for the public library service by Bolinda,  with delivery arranged by Libraries Development, Local Government Management Agency. Visit the Libraries Ireland website.

View the full range of eResources available courtesy of your library.


Hi there, I recently signed up and got my library card..
When I try to access borrow box it tells me that my account does not have permission to use the service, is there anything that I can do to enable this?

Hi Mark, sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing Borrowbox. Please email librariesweb@dublincity.ie with your library card number (D1000000....) and I will look into it.
Kind regards, Gillian

Good evening,
Can you read ebooks from the library on a KOBO.


Yes, you can download ebooks from BorrowBox to your Kobo ereader. You need to have installed Adobe Digital Editions first to transfer library ebooks to your Kobo. Having installed ADE, you will then need to authorise your computer in order to transfer ebooks.  Here is some more instructions: https://librariesireland.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/19000018540-can-i-read-borrowbox-ebooks-on-my-ereader-device-

If you need further assistance please email librariesweb@dublincity.ie. Happy reading!

Kind regards,

Hi wondering if there is a way to download the books on to a regular kindle? I have read the page and it seems to only reference the Kindle Fire.

Unfortunately you cannot read books from BorrowBox on an Amazon Kindle ereader. Amazon does allow public library patrons in the USA to borrow books on a Kindle but that service is *not* available outside the USA.

Kindle ereaders will only work with books purchased from Amazon.


You can read them on your iPad no problem

Hi, I reserved an audiobook and then I got an email some weeks later to say that the title is available for download, loan period March 14th-April 4th
When I logged on to BorrowBox to downlaod it that evening it had expired and says loan period 14/03-13/03. Why is this? The title is now on loan until 25/05 so I will have to wait another 2 months to read it. It did not even give me 24 hours to download the book after it became available.

Hi Aoife,


Sorry to hear about that. Your experience doesn't sound like the way it has worked for myself or colleagues in the office here.


If you could provide me with some more details I can pass them onto Borrowbox support. How do you use Borrowbox - through the app or through your browser? Wha device do you listen to the audiobooks on?


Please send me the details at librariesweb@dublincity.ie

How do I download books to a kindle fire please

Hi Jean,


Firstly, using your kindle, follow the link; http://www.borrowbox.com/kindlefire/install/ to download the BorrowBox app for your kindle. Once you have installed the app, search for Dublin in the ‘Library’ field provided and then sign in using your library membership card number and PIN.

Search for your desired books by title, author or category, preview titles and more. Hit the download button on available items. You can download your title instantly or any time during the loan period. When reserved titles are ready for downloading you will receive an email.

Hope this helps!




I have been a member of the Library for years but when I try to access borrow box it tells me that my account does not have permission to use the service??
Help please

Hi Sheila,

Please drop me an email at librariesweb@dublincity.ie with your card and contact details. I should be able to get things organised for you.


All the best,


hi - I have a kindle 5.9.7. I know it says on the site Kindle Fire only. But will future versions of Borrow Box be made available for other types of Kindles?


Hi Peter,

I am afraid that the restriction is because Amazon only allow books purchased through themselves to be read on Kindles. While we would love to make books available to kindle readers they simply don't allow it.


All the best,



Thanks Padraic for you reply.

If I get myself a Kindle Fire Ill be able to download the app and use Borrow Box on that?


Absolutely Peter, that should work fine.



May I borrow from Borrow-Box from an Amazon Fire (Is this what you are calling a Kindle Fire?)

Hi Finola,


yes, these are the same things.


All the best,



I have a Blackberry Playbook. Can I use Borrowbox on this.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi John,

It depends on which version of the Playbook you have.

If you have the Google Playstore installed you will be able to download Borrowbox from that.


All the best,



I have an apple macbook. Can I download ebooks for the library on that. If not, what is the best reader to get for this purpose.

 Hi Esther,

In order to download an ebook you need to install Adobe Digital Editions. All the best.

My very old sony e-reader has given up on me so I'm looking into replacing it. Are there any readers that will download library books directly without having to go through a computer?

Thank you!
All the best,

Why is it not possible for multiple people to access the eBooks and eAudiobooks at the same time.

HI Eugene, I'm afraid that these are the terms the ebooks are sold to us under. It's not a restriction the libraries impose.

Ok - thanks you very much for your prompt reply.
Lets hope some of the publishers might temporarily relax these restrictions in the current circumstances.
Stay safe.

Is it possible to join library online during this lockdown period?

Thanks a million for your help. When will I be able to start borrowing through Dropbox?

You should be able to download from Borrowbox straight away. All the best and enjoy.

good afternoon
my public libraries card has expired - have can I have it renewed please

Dylan Woods

Good morning Dylan,

please use this link https://librariesireland.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new and good luck.

Is there a way to request an ebook that is currently not in the online library, as there is to request a physical book that is not in the actual library?

Please email librariesweb@dublincity.ie with details of the item and we will do our best to check availability but cannot promise anything.

Hi there. I’m trying to find an audiobook for my mother who’s cocooning at the moment and it isn’t listed. Is it possible to order a copy or have it tracked down somehow? (It’s not on audible but from searching online it does exist as an audiobook).

Many thanks,


Hello Cian,

All purchase suggestions/requests can be directed to readerservices@dublincity.ie
One of the buying team will then search the back end of Borrowbox to see if the title in question is listed for purchase, or failing that will directly contact Bolinda to find out if the title is available for purchase. Not every title will be available, so supply is therefore not guaranteed.

How do I find what books are actually available in Dolphins Barn library?

Hello. You could check the titles on our page here: http://www.dublincity.ie/main-menu-services-recreation-culture/dublin-city-public-libraries-and-archive or if this is for our new call and collect then email the branch dolphinsbarnlibrary@dublincity.ie and a member of staff will assist you.

Hi Jane,

If you go to the advanced search on the library catalogue you can select Local Authority (in the Library Service field) and Branch (in the Location field) when searching.

You can also contact the branch by phone or email and let them know waht you are interestd in. They will take a look and come back to you.

Where is the submit button on the call and collect online form, I can’t see how to send it

Hello Niamh, it's at the very end of the form if you scroll down.

Good evening, is Surfox Printing service available to use now under the new circumstances? If so, how do I go about it now, I have documents I need to print, please help and advise. Thank you. Zuzana

Surfbox Printing is not avilable presently, Zuzana, please keep an eye on our social media for further updates on re-opening. Thank you.

I have a query about pressreader. I notice that the Irish Independent newspaper no longer seems to be available to access through the pressreader app - has it been discontinued?

Unfortunately, access to certain titles has been restricted by the publication owners but discussions are continuing to achieve a better outcome for library users. Kind Regards, Karen. Please keep and eye on our social media for updates.

Hi There,
I've been using BorrowBox and just have one book on loan at the moment, having returned the rest. However my accounts is saying that I have 5 books on loan with 0 loans left. Do you know how I can correct this?
Many thanks,

Hi Gráinne,

I haven't encountered that to date. Please contact Borrowbox for support, Support@bolindadigital.com, and they should sort you out.

If you don't get a resolution that way please email librareisweb@dublincity.ie


Hi there

how can I upgrade my childs 'Young Adult' membership to Adult without having to go the library as we are working when the library is open. Many thanks

Hello Fiona, most libraries are open from Monday to Saturday from 10-4 pm http://www.dublincity.ie/story/dublin-city-libraries-open-browse-and-borrow.


A new adult temp. adult card may be got here but you will have to visit a branch to get a physical card as per the rules above.

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