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Mobile phonePlease provide us with your email address in order to:

  • receive a courtesy reminder that your books are due back three days before they are due,
  • receive a courtesy reminder when your library membership is up for renewal, and
  • be notified by email when an item you requested is ready for collection.

To do so, login to your library account and select 'edit account'. Enter (or amend) your email address and select the option 'I would like to receive my notices from the library by email'. Done!

Cannot login to your account? Do not have a valid PIN? Then you'll will need to ask a staff member to add your email address for you.

Library Catalogue Online Support.



Good morning, Please add up the above email address to your list. I would like to receive a reminder of items due time. Thank you. Regards, John Pollier

Hi, and thanks for your comment.  Please note the (slightly amended) instruction in the post above on how to receive notices by email.  

Please include me for reminders

Please refer to instructions in post above on how to add your email address when logged in to your account.

Congrats on adding Zinio, digital magazines.

Great I can now read bbc music magazine free at home.

Well done on providing free access to a great selection of magazines using Zinio! Looking forward to more e-content!

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