Dublin remembers 'Bang Bang'

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'Bang Bang's' Key On 3rd Feb 2011, The Lord Mayor Gerry Breen presented Dublin City Archivist, Dr. Mary Clark with a key that belonged to Thomas Dudley (affectionately known as 'Bang Bang'). Thomas Dudley was a big fan of cowboy films and in the 1950s and 60s he travelled all over Dublin staging mock shoot outs with people using a large church key as his 'gun'.

Bang Bang“Bang Bang was a great and entertaining character from Dublin.  Many people remember his energy and his love of fun and humour.  This year marks the 30th anniversary since his death and I think that it is very fitting that his key will now remain in safe keeping in the city he gave so much joy to,” said the Lord Mayor.

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The key was presented to the Lord Mayor by Gerry Doherty, a great friend of Thomas Dudley who held the key for many years. It will be available to view in the Reading Room of Dublin City Library and Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, along with an exhibition relating to ‘Bang Bang’

Dublin City Library and Archive is collecting stories about ‘Bang Bang’ to add to our archive. If you have any memories of ‘Bang Bang’, please submit your story via “comments” below or alternatively by email to cityarchives@dublincity.ie.

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Have a Watercolour, Pen & Ink drawing by Michael Healy ( 1873-1941 )of Bang Bang. Sold through the Oriel Gallery Dublin at a retrospective exhibition in 1980's opened by Mrs Gemma Hussey TD. In good condition. Would the Archive like to see it or borrow it ?

Denis Hayes.

Have real black and white photo of bang bang with with my grandfather taken in a pub in the liberties in dublin any one interested /??????

The marvelous thing about Bang-bang was that got adults to play like children.
The only time I remember seeing him was when he jumped onto the platform of a bus on Mount Street. I was a child travelling on the bus with my father, probably in the late 1960s. Bang-bang went into action and 'shot' everyone on the lower deck. I was stunned to see grown men and women slump dramatically in their seats while crying 'ah Bang-bang ye got me'. Job done, Bang-bang alighted from the platform again and everyone had a good auld chuckle. I thought all the grown-ups had gone mad suddenly. But it was Bang-bang's gift to them ... allowing them to play like kids again for a few minutes.

Dear Anna, Thank you for your lovely story about Bang Bang. We will add this memory to the other stories that have been submitted to us in writing. All stories received will be made available to researchers in the Reading Room of Dublin City Library and Archive

We would love to see any drawings or photographs that exist of Bang Bang. Please contact us at cityarchives@dublincity.ie

My Father sent me a cowboy outfit from Canada in 1954. My mother dressed me in it for a day of shopping. While on the bus Ban Bang got on and as soon as he saw me started shooting and yelling bang bang. Being 7 I did the same back at him and we ran all over the bus shooting one another. When my Mother would relate the story she always said she was mortified but everyone else had a great laugh.

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