Renewing your library membership

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Mobile phoneDid you know you can now get an email reminder when your library membership is due for renewal?  It's important to renew your library membership as once it expires you won't be able to borrow, renew or reserve books and you won't be able to use online services. Renewing your membership is free and it's easy.

To renew, call into your local library with your library card and photographic I.D. If you have changed address since you last renewed your membership, please bring along proof of address. (E.g. a bill for gas, electricity, telephone, mobile phone; a bank statement, issued within the past 6 months).

To receive a reminder email address all you need to do is provide us with your email address. There are other benefits too. You will also:

  • receive a courtesy reminder that your books are due back three days before they are due,
  • be notified by email when an item you requested is ready for collection.

To add your email address, login to your library account and select 'edit account'. Enter (or amend) your email address and select the option 'I would like to receive my notices from the library by email'. Done!

Cannot login to your account? Do not have a valid PIN? Then you'll will need to ask a staff member to add your email address for you.

Library Catalogue Online Support.



Hi there,
I tried to renew the book "Frank Wood's business accounting 1.", but it comes a message that I don't have a valid email address.
Can you please renew the book?

Hi, that is renewed for you now until 31/10/17. Next time you are in the library, you could ask them to check that the email on your account is correct.
Kind regards, Gillian

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