10×10 Stories from Finland

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Finnish BooksThe Central Library was delighted to receive a donation of Finnish books recently.  The Finnish Institute in London is celebrating the centenary of Finland's independence by highlighting the importance of literacy, literature and libraries. '10x10 Stories from Finland' campaign has collected 100 books written by Finnish authors, translated into English, in cooperation with British publishing houses. The books are being donated to 10 different libraries around the UK and Ireland during 2017.
The selection of the books include a wide range of literature including both modern masterpieces and beloved classics, including the Finnish national epic Kalevala. There are books by some of Finland's most celebrated contemporary authors Rosa Liksom, Ulla-Lena Lundberg, Timo Parvela, Lars Sund and Antti Tuomainen.

Find out more information on the 10×10 Stories from Finland campaign.

Anna Hakala, Jaakko Nousiainen and Ciara Dardis

The Central Library was delighted to welcome Mr Jaakko Nousiainen, Head of Programme, Arts and Culture, from the Finnish Institute of London and Anna Hakala, Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland as well as Eero Salojärvi, who accompanied them.

Mr Jaakko Nousiainen presents Finnish books to Ciara Dardis

Mr Jaakko Nousiainen presented the books to Ciara Dardis, Senior Librarian, Dublin City Public Libraries and thanked Susan Flood, Librarian, and Ann Kearns, Senior Library assistant, for the beautiful display about Finland that they created.

Finnish book display at the Central Library


Very genourous, great display of books, a country we do not know so well in Ireland.

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