St George's Church, Hardwicke Place

St George's Church was built between 1802 and 1813 for the Protestant community in the north inner city. Its architect was Francis Johnston, the man who also built the GPO in O'Connell Street. St George's has been closed as a church for a long time and once a theatre group worked from there.

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St George's Church, Hardwicke Place

Situated beside Temple Street Children’s Hospital, in Hardwicke Place, is St George’s Church. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Dublin and was built between 1802 and 1813. It was built for the Protestant community of the north inner city, who were wealthy at that time. Its architect was Francis Johnston (1760–1829), the man who also built the GPO on O’Connell Street.

The church is broader than long which makes it very interesting. Actually, it nearly feels as if the church is running the wrong way. At the front of the church are four columns and, above them, a Greek inscription which reads ‘Glory to God in the Highest’. Its clock tower was modelled on a very famous London church called St Martin’s-in-the-Fields.

In 1836 the roof of the church nearly collapsed because the beams of wood used were too short to hold it up. The building was getting too expensive and the architect had bought shorter beams than were needed to save money!

An engineer named Robert Mallet inserted iron arches into the roof and saved the church. Mallet is famous today as the man who invented 'seismology', the science of examining earthquakes. He buried explosives on Killiney Beach and measured the shock waves when they blew up!

St George’s was one of the first buildings in Dublin to be photographed. William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877), the man who is sometimes called the father of modern photography, took its photo about 1846. At that time the church was surrounded by big Georgian houses that were all knocked down and replaced with flats in the

St George’s has been closed as a church for a long time and once a theatre group worked from there. Its tower and spire were surrounded by scaffolding for more than 20 years but in 2005 restoration work had finally began.


Thank you. Would you have any photos of the monuments inside the Old St.George Church Tower in Hill Street please ?
Also is the Tower in the suburb of Drumcondra as it used to be in the Parish of St Mary where my ancestor, Thomas Dalrymple had two children baptised, and he wished to be buried at Drumcondra. Perhaps his gravestone is against the wall in the playground. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I believe that my Great Great Grandfather (Thomas Jackson) & my GG Grandmother (Anna Maria Bagnall) may have been married in this church on 8th February 1823. Could you advise where the original records of this marriage are now held please? I have had great difficulty in finding any record of this marriage. Would such records remain in the Church or have been transferred to the Church of St.George and St.Thomas?

Thanks you,

Bryce Jackson

Hello, whilst searching for my step mother's ancestors I came across your entry......Thomas Jackson & Anna Maria Bagnall are 3rd great grandparents of my step mother - their son Thomas emigrated to Australia. I am very curious are to where you are and if you have any information to share and of course I will be happy to return the favour.
Cheers Deborah Ingles


Delighted to belatedly come upon your response to my request for information regarding the marriage of my GG grandparents in Dublin. My brother & I have been driven crazy trying to find where the marriage took place and now we know. I would love to correspond with you by email in a mutual exchange of information. I am in Sydney and my brother Graham is in Melbourne and we are Great Grandsons of the Thomas J you referred to as emigrating to Australia. He had two sons, another Thomas (my Grandfather) and William. Graham and I have been engaged in family history research and this is a real breakthrough for us as we kept running into dead ends in Dublin, particularly as to where the marriage took place.

Please email me and we can take it from there.

Your distant relative

Bryce Jackson

Deborah Please contact me on e-mail. I am a direct descendant of Thomas Jackson and Anna Maria Bagnall and live in Australia - [address removed by Site Admin] My brother Bryce left original message which you responded to. We are very interested to exchange information on what happened to the son who emigrated to Australia Regards Graham Jackson e-mail is [removed by Site Admin]</p>
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The original parish records of St. George's dating from 1794 are held at the Representative Church Body Library, Best of luck with your search

On 4/8/14 I posted a notice that I was seeking information about the marriage of my GG Grandparents (Thomas Jackson &amp; Anna Maria Bagnall) at St.Georges on 8/2/1823. Unfortunately I have been travelling since then and unable to maintain contact. I have just returned and discovered that on 28/9/14 a Deborah Ingles responded and from her message it is clear that she is related through her Stepmother to my GG Grandparents and is very keen to make contact with me to exchange family information. I have lodged a reply, but am fearful that, given the lengthy time lapse between her message and my reply (some 4 1/2 months), she may no longer be monitoring the site on the assumption that I am no longer interested in making contact. I assume that she was required by standard practice to provide her email address when she made her reply last September. I am NOT going to ask you to provide that email address, but I would be immensely grateful were it possible for someone to locate her contact correspondence and send her an email informing her that I have returned and am very keen to hear from her so as to exchange family history information. My email address is recorded above and she should feel free to use it. I have no idea where she is located in the world, but were it the case that she lives in Australia, as I do, as a show of faith, I am prepared to provide her with my phone number - [removed by Site Admin] In your debt, Bryce Jackson</p>
Note: Details forwarded to Deborah as intended in comment. Site Admin, 16 Feb 2015</p>

Please note that your conatatct details have been forwarded to Deborah via email as intended in your comment. We have edited your comment in order to ensure your privacy as best as we can.

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I am a great grandson of the Thomas Jackson who migrated to Australia in the 1850's I and my brother Graham would be very interested in corresponding with you by email - you can certainly help us with information about our forebears in Dublin and we can bring you up to date with the Australian end of the family.


Bryce Jackson

I have discovered a photo of St Georges from 1843 of a wedding group standing outside,it was taken the same day as the Hardwicke st photo,which is regarded as the oldest photo taken in Ireland.The two photos are of the same group.Historian Diarmuid Ferriter has confirmed to me that it so.My email is
Best Regards
Phil Martin.

My brother and I have been researching our family tree for some years. We have now discovered a relative (Mary Finnegan) married a Henry Smart in St. Georges on 5th January 1905. Her mother Bridget was a witness. If anyone has ANY information that could help us in our efforts to fill in the many many gaps in our tree (our relatives all seem to be hiding from us so we are desperate for help from the living!) we would be SO, SO grateful. Elva

I am doing a family tree and would like any information about the marriage of Sara Hayes, who married a certain Mr. W. Wallace in St. George`s probably between 1850 and 1870.

I understand that the original stain glass windows still entact in the Church building are by Harry Clarke. Is this true?

My great uncle ,George Harrison played organ and was choir master at St Geoge's for 75 years. My father ,his nephew,was born in Dublin in 1902 and moved to CAnada in 1912 and later to USA. I played clarinet in the Kennedy Center in WAsh. D.C. for 36 years . I am pleased that I had a musician in my family from Dublin Stephen BAtes

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