Covid-19 social distancing measures

Covid-19 social distancing measures - Increasing space for pedestrians and cyclists

Due to the Covid-19 situation, a program of works has commenced to address some specific pinch points where there is not sufficient footpath widths for social distancing. The first iteration of these measures involve taking out loading bays or paid parking in order to provide opportunity for pedestrians to use there spaces to maintain social distancing. Locations including Stoneybatter, Dorset Street, Capel Street, Fairview, Rathmines and Ranalagh will have a number of interventions made to assist pedestrians. On Nassau Street, on the South Side, it is intended to remove the parking and make more pedestrian space and install  a contra flow cycle track. On the North side of the street it is intended to examine how the current bus stop positions and spacing could be altered to reduce potential queuing issues here. Also the issue of providing temporary build outs to assist with maintaining social distancing both at this location and throughout the city centre area is now being investigated.

At  a number of locations, temporary protected cycle tracks are also being investigated with a view to determining if they can be quickly installed to assist essential workers using cycling to commute to work.

The Traffic request form has now been enhanced to allow for Covid 19 social distancing measures to be requested by both elected members and the general public.