Bernadette Boland reading Farewell to Chico

My name is Bernadette Boland. I was born in Ballymun and now living in Glasnevin. I want to share my thoughts with you.

Farewell to Chico

by Bernadette Boland

Chico had an operation and then I brought him back for his check up, to the vet.  Mary informed me that the cancer had spread, giving permission to take him home for two weeks, my reply to put him down. Under no circumstances would I watch the needle being given.  Mary's reply, 'You really do care for the cat'. On the way home calling into Martina, in tears, reminiscing about how he used to come and meet me.  The next day the ESB man called and read the meter.  After reading the meter, informed me that there were wild cats in the garage.  At the first opportunity, I looked in the garage to discover mother and three kittens. The door was frayed enough for her to get in.  This is a lucky omen for me.  I rang the Cat Protection who came out to trap the mother cat but to no avail.  All I could do now was to feed the mammy to enable her to nurse her kittens. Soon all kittens were able to eat and play in the back garden.  Sadly the black one died. The two remaining ones were good and healthy.  Choosing one for myself and the other went to a good home.  When it was of age I brought it to the vet to be doctored.   The vet sat me down and informed me, 'I hope you will not be disappointed.  It's not a little girl you have but a boy'.  A year later he is beginning to have sense.

Recorded at Ballymun Library Creative Writing Group, facilitated by Orla Ní hAonigh.

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