Poems by Bernadette O'Reilly

My name is Bernadette O’Reilly and I’m from Finglas and I’ve been writing since 1980. My first poem is called "Evoke".


I remember the conkers shiny and new
I remember the net for tadpoles
I remember the bees in the jam jar
the nature table in school
Most of all I remember you

My second poem is called "Life on the Shelf" which was written during a workshop.

Life on the Shelf

His collected poems stood out
From the others on the bookshop shelf
From the café at the back the noise of voices and delf
As I sipped my tea the cover seemed to wink and say
do you remember me?
I've stood on your shelf for years unnoticed
I've shared your joy and tears

The third poem is "Dreamwork", which was written during a stay in Anam Cara.


Sitting in the den discussing dreams
Putting together tales of our lives like
Sewing seams

Unsung Hero

He once spoke of hero worship
Now I can agree for I have discovered
He is a hero to me.
Seeds he sowed have saved lives
It has become clear
As our annual parish fast continues
In his absence now
In its twenty-ninth year.


Recorded at Ballymun Library Creative Writing Group, facilitated by Orla Ní hAonigh.

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