Poems by Trish Kennedy

Hi my name is Trish Kennedy and I’m reading for Ballymun Writers’ Group. My first piece is called "Sleep".


I seek a place to sleep at night
On my side, left or right
On my back, on my belly
Even sitting watching telly
No sleeping beauty, no not me
I lie awake until three
Then I sleep until it's light
And somehow I forget the night

My second piece is called "Lie to Me"

Lie to Me

I learnt that swallows fly away
They may not come back another day
If you can swallow, without showing
You'll live a life overflowing, with contentment
A life of peace without resentment
Your swallow clamps down all your woes
Shows in your heart what truly grows

My third piece is called "Dad"


I heard my father call her name
Don't tell me he was back again
This man and woman both insane
With love and hate
No one's to blame
I ask myself quite frequently
Could he really have left me?
Not my mother as I thought, he left us all
He never fought to keep us as a family
He planned a whole new family tree
Spoilt our pasts and futures too
He robbed us of our self-esteem
For what?
I wonder in my dream


Recorded at Ballymun Library Creative Writing Group, facilitated by Orla Ní hAonigh.

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