Darndale Community Clean-Up Gets Underway

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Dublin City Council’s Darndale Office is supporting the local residents of Darndale in their current Clean- Up Campaign.

The Office was approached by local residents to organise the clean-up and removal of graffiti at Belcamp Crescent and Moatview Drive.

A Committee of local residents, staff from the local area office and community section of Dublin City Council, Belcamp Estate Steering Committee and the DALE’s was formed and work soon got underway.

 Within a couple of weeks residents set about painting the graffiti walls and a clean-up of the green area was planned.

“The 7th July was a great success with residents, children and local community groups, working together to improve their local environment. Any residents of Darndale who may be interested in carrying out similar works in their area can contact the Darndale Area Office directly on 2226930 and we will be willing to assist in any way we can” said Philip Power, Estate Manager.

The Darndale Office will facilitate tenants and residents with paint, brushed etc. to carry out the works. The Office wishes to work with its tenants and residents in improving their local community with this great show of community spirit.