Demolition of last remaining tower block in Ballymun commences

The final phase of the demolition of Joseph Plunkett Tower will commence on Monday 21st September at 10:00am. Demolition will be carried out by mechanical means using a long reach hydraulic ‘nibbler’ which will bite its way through the structure.

This demolition method was used to demolish four of the original towers and all twenty nine, eight and four storey blocks. Two fifteen storey towers were imploded. The contract for demolition was awarded to McCallum Brothers following the normal public procurement procedure. The rubble remaining is reused for projects such as road construction and all removable fixtures are sent for recycling.

Joseph Plunkett Tower was built in 1967 and was the last of the seven towers to be completed. It contained ninety, two and three bed roomed apartments. The total scheme had two thousand nine hundred apartments.

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