Dog Control

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Licence Inspections

Dog Licence Inspectors working on behalf of Dublin City Council are paying routine checks on houses to ensure that all dog owners have current licences for their dogs.  Dog owners not in possession of a current license can purchase a licence on the spot. 

Purchasing a dog licence

Dog Licences can be purchased in two ways.

  1. Customers wanting to renew their dog license can no longer renew online with Dublin City Council.  The website for renewing Dog Licences is

  2. Those who do not wish to use the on-line payments facility can purchase a licence directly from their local post office.

Since 1st January 2012 a regular annual dog licence will cost €20.00. A licence covering the remainder of the lifetime of the dog costs €140, and for those with larger numbers of dogs a single general 1 year licence can be purchased for €400.

Dog Warden Service

Dublin City Council arranges for the provision and operation of a Dog Pound facility for the purposes of its functions under the Control of Dogs Acts 1986 , The Control of Dogs (Amendment) Act 1992 and  Dublin City Councils Control of Dogs Bye-Laws 1998.  Ashton Pound & Warden Service, Ashtown, Castleknock Dublin 15, phone number 01 8383236 / 8683038 provide the Dog Warden and Dog Pound facility for the Dublin City Council administrative area. Stray dogs may be seized by the dog wardens and brought to the dog pound where they will be kept for 5 days. After these 5 days, the dog becomes the property of the dog pound and can be re-homed.  An owner reclaiming a dog during this 5 day period is subject to any relevant fines/charges that must be paid before the dog can be handed back.

  • Fees/Fines for reclaiming your dog back from the pound
    • Pound reclaim fee: €20
    • Bed and board: €8 per night
    • Licence fee (if unable to produce current licence): €20.00
    • Fine: Failure to produce current licence: €100
    • Fine: Failure to keep your dog under effectual control: €100
    • Fine: No collar and ID: €100

All surrendered/seized dogs are brought to Ashton Pound.

Ashton Pound can also be contacted by email

Other Charges

  • Surrender Fee: €40 or €50 if dog is collected by Wardens
  • Rehoming Fee €20
  • Microchipping fee €25

Nuisance due to Barking Dogs

Section 25 of the Control of Dogs Act 1986 deals with the issue of nuisance due to barking dogs. Under Section 25 of this act a decision as to whether any case of dog barking constitutes a nuisance is an issue for the District court to adjudicate on

An individual wishing to make a complaint to the district court regarding barking dogs can download the relevant form here.

For further advice on properly serving this notices as required under section 25 of the Control of Dogs Act contact your local district court office.

Reporting a Stray Dog

If you wish to make a complaint about stray dogs to the Dog Warden Service please contact or alternatively telephone the Control of Dogs Section on 01 2222165. The warden service will arrange to carry out patrols in your area with a view to impounding any dogs found to be straying in breach of DCC’s Control of Dogs Bye Laws.

What to do if you have lost your dog

  • Contact the dog pound – you have only 5 days to claim your lost dog before they can re-home it -
  • Contact your local vets to see if it has been brought in
  • Contact the Dublin SPCA and other welfare groups as they may have your dog.
  • Advertise on the Irish lost and found animal website
  • Check ‘lost and found notice boards’ in local shops, post offices
  • Contact the Local Garda Station leaving your name, phone number and a description of your dog.
  • If you find your pet please remember to contact all the organisations and people you have told about your lost pet so they know your pet has been found and please take down all posters and signs. 


Every year hundreds of dogs are re-homed by the dog pound because their owners cannot be traced. In order to avoid this owners must:

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a disk at ALL times. It is your legal obligation to have the dog identified in this way and you will be fined for not having one.
  • Get the dog microchipped. This can be done in most vets, at the Dublin SPCA centre or at the Dublin SPCA mobile clinics.
  • Register your animal with PetTrace
  • Get the dog neutered, it stops them wandering and wanting to get out of the garden as well as stopping unwanted breeding and behavioural problems.

Restricted Breeds/Dublin City Council Tenancies

The Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 identifies 10 breeds of dog which are subject to stricter regulations.

These regulations are enforced by the local authorities’ warden service.

Additional measures regarding control of dogs have been taken by the Housing and Residential Services Department in the interests of good estate management.

Dublin City Council introduced a ban on the keeping of 10 breeds of dogs by City Council tenants on 1st July 2007. 

A tenant who had one of these breeds of dog prior to the coming in to effect of the ban may be allowed to keep their dog, provided they ensure that the dog is microchipped and neutered/spayed.

Additional information and other websites

Information on responsibilities of dog owners, including information on dog licences and barking dogs. 


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