Dublin 10 Autistic Spectrum Disorder Support Group Launches in Ballyfermot

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The Dublin 10 Autistic Spectrum Disorder Support Group, will be officially launched by Councillor Sheila Howes, on Wednesday, 5th October, from 10am until 12 noon in the Base, Blackditch Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10.

The ASD Support Group has been in operation since February 2011 when a group of local parents got together after attending a workshop in Blackrock Education Centre run by the Middletown Centre for Autism based in County Armagh.

The group meet every month and have now formalised a constitution which sets out their short, medium and long term goals and objectives. In addition they have recently been successful in getting funding from the Dublin Bus Community Support Programme which they plan to channel into a social club for their children and young teens with ASD.

In order to get further support these parents are inviting all members of the Ballyfermot community and surrounding areas, including professionals working in education, youth work, and medicine, and with an interest in ASD, to come along to the launch.

“One in ten children in the US suffer from Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  Researchers at the University of Washington Autism Centre found that parents of autistic children show higher stress levels than those whose children had other developmental delay issues.  It’s not so much the daily living skills – feeding, dressing that trigger stress, it’s dealing with the erratic and sometimes violent “problem” behaviour.

“This support group is about relieving some of that stress in the child, parent and siblings and providing mutually beneficent support from a shared living experience.  The advantage of this group is that it is filled with the experts who live and cope with the problems of ASD daily and who can share their solutions while gaining valuable learning as members.” said Councillor Howes.

The Dublin 10 Autistic Spectrum Disorder Support Group would like to thank The Base, Ballyfermot RAPID Area Programme, The Ballyfermot Family Resource Centre, Mary Queen of Angels School 1 and 2, and Dublin Bus for their support.