Ringsend, Dublin.

The Great South Wall and Poolbeg Lighthouse, Ringsend

The Great South Wall was built to prevent the shipping lanes leading to Dublin Port from filling up with sand and to provide shelter against the winds

The Pigeon House, Ringsend

Pigeon House is called after a man called John Pidgeon. Around 1760 he was a caretaker of a storehouse used by the builders of the Great South Wall. John Pidgeon started selling refreshments, tea, cakes and lemonade at his storehouse to passengers of the packet ships travelling from England and Europe.

The Irish Glass Bottle Company, Ringsend

Ringsend was a good location for making glass. Glass manufacturers needed a lot of sand, of which Ringsend had plenty. They also needed lots of coal to melt the sand so it was handy to be near the port. The Irish Glass Bottle Company started in Ringsend in 1871.