Dublin Bids To Be World Design Capital 2014

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26th May 2011: Dublin has submitted a bid to become World Design Capital 2014.

The prestigious designation is awarded by ICSID, ((International Council for the Society of Industrial Designers) biannually to cities that use design as a tool for social, cultural, economic and environmental progress.  Successful World Design Capital designation for Dublin could provide a legacy of significant job opportunities as the design sector is growing rapidly. The Dublin bid is a collaboration between the four Dublin local authorities. It can be viewed on www.pivotdublin.ie.  The bid, “Pivot Dublin – Turn D esign Inside Out” is supported by the Irish Government as an opportunity to retrieve Ireland’s international reputation and to engage with and embed the idea of good design with Dublin and Ireland to benefit everyone socially, culturally and economically.

We will learn next month if Dublin has been shortlisted from the 55 cities worldwide who are competing for the ICSID designation for 2014. ICSID representatives will visit the shortlisted cities during the summer and the winning city announcement will be made in autumn.

“The World Design Capital designation is prestigious and brings economic and reputational benefits to the winning city”, says Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect and coordinator of the bid. “Cities that value and apply design in the way they think, plan and act are more humane, attractive and competitive cities and the strength of Dublin’s bid “Pivot Dublin – Turning Design Inside Out” is its diversity and its compelling story about our design capacity.”

“I am happy to support the bid for Dublin to become World Design Capital 2014” says Lord Mayor of Dublin Gerry Breen.  “Good design in all areas will benefit everyone who lives and works in the City and will also impact on tourism.  We are asking everyone to get involved and visit the website.  Join in the Pivot Dublin conversation and turn design inside out!”

The ‘Pivot Dublin’ strategy is being developed under four themes  - ‘Connecting Cities’; ‘Making Cities Flow’; ‘Making Cities Lighter’ and ‘Making Cities Smile’. Seed projects are being proposed under each theme.

“The Dublin bid has real substance and the four Dublin local authorities intend to develop the seed projects and implement the Dublin bid, starting immediately, whether or not Dublin is shortlisted or wins”, says Grehan.

The Dublin bid showcases Irish designers at home and abroad; working across established design disciplines such as product, fashion, architecture and graphic design to animation, film, gaming and interaction design.  The bid identifies an opportunity to use Dublin as a test bed for new ideas which address local need yet have global relevance.

“Pivot Dublin is a platform on which we can connect challenges to solutions and creativity to innovation through our impressive design resources”, says Grehan.

Among the cities competing for World Design Capital 2014 designation are Beijing, Capetown and Bilbao. Cities who have hosted WDC are Turin in 2008 and Seoul in 2010. Turin received more visitors in 2008 than when it hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics. The Mayor of Seoul has described their designation as a shortcut to becoming a truly global city. Helsinki, a city with a much admired and long established design tradition will be host in 2012.