The Arthur Morrison Monument, Donnybrook

This monument commemorates Arthur Morrison, Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1835-6.

This video is designed as a resource for primary and post-primary students up to Junior Certificate.

The Arthur Morrison Monument, Donnybrook

In the centre of the traffic island at the junction of Anglesea Road and Ailesbury Road near the Sacred Heart Church in Donnybrook stands an obelisk in memory of Arthur Morrison, Lord Mayor of Dublin from 1835-36. The monument praises him and claims that he was ‘respected and esteemed’ and that there were ‘few to equal, none to surpass him’ and yet we hardly know anything about him. We do not even have a picture.

Morrison, who lived from 1765 until 1837, was a well-known hotel owner and had many roles in public life, serving the people of Donnybrook. He was appointed Alderman (a member of local government, literally meaning ‘elder man’) in 1808 and acted on the Grand Jury (a local government council) of the County and City of Dublin from 1823.

He was an overseer of many of the developments that took place in Donnybrook such as the new roads and pathways, particularly around Simmonscourt, and the wall surrounding the Sacred Heart Church. He also played a part in the construction of Anglesea Bridge over the Dodder, just beside the obelisk, in 1832 and he supported other local developments such as the foundation of St Vincents’ Hospital by Mother Mary Aikenhead and her later establishment of St Mary’s Magdalen Asylum.

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