Beaumont Convalescent Home, Coolock

Beaumont House is now a convalescent home, which is a hospital where people go to recover from an illness or operation. The big house was once owned by Arthur Guinness who started the Guinness brewery.

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Beaumont Convalescent Home, Coolock

If you have ever been to Beaumont Hospital you might have seen a building on the left side of the road leading up to the hospital. This building is Beaumont Convalescent Home. (A convalescent home is a hospital that people go to when they recover from an illness or operation.) It was originally called Beaumont House.

We don’t know exactly when Beaumont House was built but we know that it was once owned by Arthur Guinness who had started the Guinness brewery. Arthur had bought the house in 1764. At that time you would enter Beaumont House from Kilmore West. But the grounds around the house were so large that Arthur could build a new entrance from Gracepark Road, which was then called Goosegreen Avenue.

In 1900 Beaumont House was bought by the Sisters of Mercy for use as a home to care for sick people. The Sisters had been on their way to Finglas to view a house that they were thinking of buying. However, their driver got lost, and when they passed Beaumont House they thought that it would be perfect for their new convalescent home. It was opened in 1902 after some building work was done. Today some of the building is still used as a home for sick people.


The House shown is not Beaumont house. The Convalescent home shown was built circa 1926.

Beaumont House is to the East( right ) of this house and was home to Arthur Guinness.

Beaumont House is a much more beautiful building - see it now while you can. It is soon to be part of Beaumont Hospital campus

The photo shown above is not the original Beaumont House where Arthur Guinness lived but a more recent building used I believe as the convent. The original Beaumont house is further to the right of the picture beside the chapel. I did take a photo of the original building a few years ago but cant locate it at the moment.


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Excellent i live in Montrose Cres. just off the Kilmore Road moved there in 1970 from Cabra.

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