Broadstone Station, Phibsborough

Broadstone Railway Station in Phibsborough opened in 1847 and ran trains until 1937. Broadstone was the Dublin terminal of the Midland Great Western Railway Company, which ran trains to Galway.

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Broadstone Station, Phibsborough

If you wanted to travel to Galway by train around 1850 you did not go to Heuston Station to catch your train – you went to Broadstone Station in Phibsborough instead.

At that time Ireland did not have just one railway company as it now has – there were many different ones. The following four railways operated from Dublin: the Great Northern Railway (GNR) served the north and north-east of the country, the Great Southern and Western Railway (GSWR) the south-west, the Dublin Wicklow and Wexford Railway (DWWR) the south-east and the Midland Great Western Railway (MGWR) the midlands and west. And all these railway lines had their own terminal station. (This means the end station)

The large granite building at Broadstone was the Dublin terminal of the Midland Great Western Railway Company (MGWR). From here the company ran trains to Galway. The station was opened in1847, and trains departed from there until 1937.

The site for Broadstone Station was chosen because it was connected to the Royal Canal by an arm that ran parallel to Phibsborough Road. It also had a harbour where boats could dock and the station was built right opposite. Heavy goods could be brought to the station by the canal and then carried westwards by train.

When the Royal Canal arm was filled in in the 1920s and the MGWR joined with other railway companies to form the Great Southern Railway (GSR) in 1924, Broadstone lost its value as a railway station. It finally closed on 16 January 1937. The closing ceremony was broadcast live on RTÉ radio. The first train to the west from Westland Row Station (now Pearse Station) departed on 18 January 1937 and Broadstone Station became a garage for buses.

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