Met Eireann

The Irish Meteorological Centre in Glasnevin is the headquarters of the Irish Meteorological Service. It was designed by Liam McCormick in an unusual pyramid shape with lots of windows to give the best possible view of the sky.

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Met. Eireann, Glasnevin Hill

The Irish Meteorological Service, Ireland’s weather forecasting service, started in December, 1936. Its first job was to take over weather forecasting in Ireland from the British Meteorological Office. The transfer of the service took place on 1st April, 1937.

The Meteorological Centre is the headquarters of the Meteorological Service. Originally the headquarters was a small office at 14/15 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2. A new headquarters, the Meteorological Centre, was built at the junction of the Old Finglas Road and the Ballymun Road in Glasnevin in 1979. The house it replaced, Marlborough House, was used as a remand home for boys.

The Centre was built by John Sisk & Son. It was designed by Liam McCormick with an unusual pyramid shape with lots of windows.

The shape of the building was decided for two reasons. Firstly it doesn’t cut off the light from the houses just north of it, St David’s Terrace. The second reason is its shape and its many windows give the Meteorological Service the best possible view of the sky. The architect had to decide how to design a building that would help the weather forecasters. They told him “We like to look at the sky”. So he designed the building in that way, and even gave them a balcony so they could have fresh air as well.

He really wanted to use blue slate from another country but it was decided to use Ballinasloe Limestone slab instead. The front entrance area has limestone as well.


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