Dublin Buildings

A selection of histories of Dublin buildings. These videos are designed as a resource for primary school children and second level students up to Junior Certificate.

Dublin Buildings on YouTube

Imagine what it would be like to have lived long ago. What streets were like? What goods were sold in shops? What kind of clothes people wore every day? What did houses and buildings look like? Imagine a journey into the past. Well, this is a short journey around Dublin and we will look at buildings and monuments, parks and places that Dubliners knew long ago.

Some of the buildings have changed a lot and some not at all. But they all have a story to tell- their own special history.

You can find out a lot about history by talking to people, reading a book, looking at the Internet. You can look at a map or a photograph or read an old newspaper. You can become a spy on the past!

One of the best places to go to learn about history is your local library. Here you can look up reference books or check out local history files. You can also use the Internet if you have an adult with you. You can always ask the Librarian for help. If you would like to know how to do research you will find lots of information on the “Ask about Ireland” website at www.askaboutireland.ie. In the learning zone section you will find information on how to do research.

Here are some stories about buildings and monuments and parks you will see on your way to the library. The best thing about them is that they are nearby and you probably pass them every day. Maybe your Mam and Dad, your grandparents or great grandparents passed them every day. I wonder what they thought about them - why not ask them?

Listen to an introduction to Dublin Buildings.


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I am looking for my great great great grandfather who was a silversmith and jeweller in the 1840-1880"s.his name William Otto Cohen.thanku yours sincerely Amanda Cohen

Amanda, hopefully the following link will help you in your quest for information on your ancestor... Family History Research

Kind regards,
Dublin City Public Libraries & Archive

Dear Amanda
I have some info on William Otto Cohen and some of his descendants, if you are still interested. I am in Australia.

I have information on William Otto Cohen

Brian Cohen

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